February (2017) Favourites

Unfortunately, February was not a month of many new things as it was mostly spent re-settling into university but these few items featured have really stood out to me! Beauty I have always been picky with nail varnishes and never quite understood the attraction to Barry M however after the success of the molten metal … Continue reading February (2017) Favourites

January University Blues & Fears 

Now, firstly I am not stating I am an expert and neither am I saying this is exactly how you will feel or should feel. I am also not saying that the options to withdraw or take a break are not worthwhile and valid to think about. I did, however, want to reassure people that … Continue reading January University Blues & Fears 

Ways I help deal with anxiety

Disclaimer: Everyone's struggles will vary which therefore means some of these things may not be achievable for some and some may also not benefit from these tips. This is based solely on my own personal experience.   This morning I woke up in a pool of my own sweat, trembling, with a tight chest and … Continue reading Ways I help deal with anxiety