Once again life got all too busy and I neglected this blog (and my almost non-existent Youtube!) but alas I have returned yet again.


It’s been 2 months since I last updated you and the majority of the time that has passed I have spent revising for my exams. They didn’t go fantastically but also weren’t total disasters but fingers crossed I’ve done enough to get through to next year – and even if I haven’t everything will work out in the end. (Look at me trying to be more positive!)


In my spare time, while I was at home, I tried to see all my gorgeous friends and family but as always Summer went by too quickly and I miss everyone already. So to the title – In August I moved into my student house with my best friends and I am SO happy. It is such a cute house and we’ve made it so homely and I adore it. Since my exams, we’ve just spent all our time relaxing, prepping for university and just enjoying Brighton.



And last weekend I went to visit my brother with my mum! He lives in Somerset is what I call a ‘proper adult’ so I don’t often get to see him so it was really special to see him again. We had a lovely weekend just as a family and it properly calmed my anxiety which had heightened since returning to Brighton. On Saturday we also went to Charmouth for a coastal path and it was just gorgeous and I’m keen to go again.



There’s not much else to report but I’ll see you all soon!



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