Review: Optiat Beauty

A good few months ago the lovelies over at Optiat gifted me a pamper kit to try out in exchange for an honest review. In the months between then and now I have been ever so poorly and I can’t explain how wonderful a pick me up it has been when I’ve not been feeling so wonderful.

Firstly there are 4 scrubs: Pick Me Up, The Hungover, Feel Good & Hit The Sheets. They were all such fantastic exfoliants for both the face and the body and I love that each contained separate essential oils resulting in them each having a different scent. My personal favourites were Pick Me Up and Hit The Sheets. Pick me up had beautiful lemongrass notes and it really was perfect for a morning shower. I usually go for a citrus scent when I’ve reluctantly got out of bed for a 9am lecture so that was just perfect and using the coffee as a scrub means I felt completely rejuvenated and awake which really does make a change (anyone who’s seen me in the morning will know!). Hit The Sheets had a totally different smell of vanilla which is just so homely to me. My mum’s favourite scent is vanilla and naturally, it brings a sense of comfort to me making it even more ideal for the evening. My fiance, however, had a totally different favourite – Feel Good! I shared the whole pamper kit with him, both trying out nearly all the products as I wanted to see what he thought too and because I find life much simpler just buying one beauty product for us all. He loved the coffee scrub – having never used an exfoliator before he kept exclaiming about how soft his skin feels – but he definitely preferred the mandarin scent – looks like we’ll have to stick to separate products or have monthly scent swaps!

Now this pamper kit didn’t just include these incredible coffee scrubs! It also contained three face masks. The first being a nourishing and hydrating face mask containing Marshmallow Root, English Hemp & Activated charcoal. These face masks were like nothing I’d ever used before as they were powders which you mix with water before spreading across your face which I absolutely loved and it really saves on packaging which is perfect to help save the environment. This left my skin feeling fairly smooth and helped to clear some hormonal acne I was experiencing at the time.

Secondly was a Men’s exfoliating mask which I really enjoyed putting on Erin! It contained Fullers Earth, English Hemp & activated charcoal and made a noticeable difference. He’s a bit rubbish when it comes to remembering to moisturise his face so it was such a good way to remove some of the dry skin and made his complexion brighter. In typical boy tones, he said ‘That was nice’ and not much else but I consider that a high compliment!

And lastly was my favourite mask: purifying and exfoliating. I struggle with both dry skin and acne which makes it pretty tough to find a product that combats both but this did! I had the clearest skin I’d seen in months and the flaky dry patches on my cheeks and nose were far less noticeable. For note, the ingredients are marine superfoods, English Hemp and Activated Charcoal.

I was seriously impressed with these products and was even happier to learn that they’re vegan, hand-sourced, ethical, organic and cruelty-free which is simply a must in this day and age (but can sometimes be hard to find)! I’m really keen to purchase more of these products and I encourage you all to check them out here!

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