If I die from COVID-19:

Don’t write on my Facebook wall, don’t send flowers or talk about me, don’t come to my funeral if you didn’t take social distancing seriously. Don’t do so if you ever doubted I was vulnerable, don’t do so if you continue to support brands who use IV poles and face masks as accessories in their campaigns. Don’t do so if you doubted my diagnoses, doubted my symptoms or doubted that the world saw me as lesser.

I’m not lesser. But would I get a ventilator if I needed one? Perhaps. But id be lower on the list. Lower because I can not work. Lower because my body is already breaking at the seams. Lower because the government forces services to rank their patients in importance.

The world sees me as lesser and I know it. And can’t you see how awful that is? Damn it can’t you see how painful it is? Those words added to people’s death announcements ‘had a pre-existing condition’ as though somehow that makes it easier to swallow? It shouldn’t, and if it does please please use this time to think. Use this time to learn the battles we face. Use this time to properly properly think through your political view. Use it to research conditions. Use it to speak to your friends because I highly doubt it none of them are chronically ill.

And if after all this. A pandemic that will undoubtedly be in history books in some years to come. If this doesn’t make you think and ask then don’t you ever shed a tear if coronavirus gets me. Don’t you ever use me to discuss as ‘someone you know’ with x, y & z conditions. Don’t ever pretend you cared.

Now is time to show the fuck up.

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