Gilmore Girls Tag

Do you own the collection? Sadly not - I watched it all on Netflix but I am hoping to get the box set at some point! It's something I can imagine loving just as much as an adult (well and adulter-adult than I am now!) What was your first introduction to Gilmore Girls? One of [...]


Hospital story

Just in case this would affect you, I want to state that this will discuss: vomit, surgery and female anatomy.    I'm just over three weeks post surgery and, as encouraged by Twitter, I thought it was time to update you all on what's happened over the past couple of weeks! Note: it's not the [...]

January (2018) TBR

If any of you have been around for a while you'll know I used to make these posts but I found myself getting too ambitious and I just wasn't that committed to the books I was choosing. But I'm starting afresh - focusing one month at a time and making things more achievable! So here [...]