Hello people of the interweb

How the heck do I start this? Maybe I should just start it like this? Ok… hi? Hello? Hola? *I just sound totally bonkers maybe I should just stop now. Ok, no giving up – moving on*

Anyhoo in case, this isn’t entirely obvious this is a rather spur of the moment decision while I am sat in Starbucks drinking a decaf soya hazelnut mocha (yes I am that girl). This is clearly meant to be an introduction post but what on earth do I introduce? The musings of my brain will be sprawled across this blog with not even a hint of a theme and probably very little editing I just felt it may be nice to share the goings on in my brain and also give myself a place to tidy up my busy head; so what should you know to begin? I guess the basics are a place to start:


  • My name is Char
  • I am 20
  • I live in England
  • I am about to start my first year of my BSc in Psychology at University of Sussex
  • I am a Gryffindor, an INFJ, a tea lover, a literature enthusiast and an all round rather cliche girl.


Welcome to my blog…


You can also find me here:

Twitter: lunarchar_
Instagram: lunarchar_
Snapchat: chizzlar
Tumblr: lunarchar

Please put your feet up and peruse through my blog (of course once there is some more, frankly more interesting, posts) with a cup of tea and honey *Forever wishing I was as cool as Carrie Hope Fletcher*



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