Hello people of the interweb

How the heck do I start this? Maybe I should just start it like this? Ok… hi? Hello? Hola? *I just sound totally bonkers maybe I should just stop now. Ok, no giving up – moving on*

Anyway, in case this isn’t entirely obvious this is a rather spur of the moment decision while I am sat in Starbucks drinking a decaf, soya, hazelnut mocha (yes I am that girl). This is clearly meant to be an introduction post but what on earth do I introduce? The musings of my brain will be sprawled across this blog with not even a hint of a theme and probably very little editing I just felt it may be nice to share the goings on in my brain and also give myself a place to tidy up my busy head; so what should you know to begin? I guess the basics are a place to start:

  • My name is Char, formally Charlotte but that always makes me feel like I’m being told off by my mum!
  • I am 20 at present
  • I live in England, either Essex or Brighton
  • I am about to start the first year of my BSc in Psychology at the University of Sussex
  • I am a Gryffindor, an INFJ, a tea lover, a literature enthusiast and an all round rather cliche girl.

Welcome to my blog…

Please put your feet up and peruse through my blog (of course once there is some more, frankly more interesting, posts) with a cup of tea and honey *Forever wishing I was as cool as Carrie Hope Fletcher*

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